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Where's The Proof?

Posted on: February 11, 2008 11:34 pm

Where is the proof that steroids are bad? Before we condemn everyone for the choices they make for their own bodies, how are we so sure that this activity is bad for them? Is it only the Lyle Alzado thing or that wrestler who killed himself and his family because of supposed of roid rage? Why do we never hear of the benefits of steroids? There must be benifits or people wouldn’t use them. People seem too eager to me to tell others how they should live their own lives.


I’ve seen good and bad effects of steroids listed in literature. The bad effects seem to mostly occur when taken in massive amounts or up to ten times or more, the prescribed amount. Just like most medications, steroids can be good or bad. But the hysteria of sports and steroids seems to only focus on the bad and has outlawed the drug in sports entirely.


There are doctors in the United States who prescribe steroids for many purposes but we are now living in a time where their best medical opinion has been outlawed. Are we moving into an era where longevity and healing will be the sole province of the government, not it’s people? The powers that be will decide who lives and who dies, who lives long and who lives short, who lives sick and who lives healthy.


I just want to be sure the information is correct before I die within a natural lifetime, without the benefit of an unnatural cure, which could extend my life. And I wouldn’t want to miss out on a longer life because baseball purists want stats to be on a perpetual level playing field, at the expense of us all.

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Posted on: February 13, 2008 12:08 pm
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Where's The Proof?

I think you're using the term 'steroids' too loosely. There are many different types of steroids. Steroids are in inhalers for people with asthma, or steroids can be used as a performance enhancer to promote rapid muscle growth. Anabolic steroids are the ones that are banned, not medical steroids. There's a reason people use them despite the fact they're banned. These Anabolic steroids have good and bad results; good in that they give people who use them more muscle and an unfair advantage in aspects of the game, and bad because they harm the body by wearing it down faster, increasing the risk of certain ailments and even shrinking your manhood.

And I wouldn’t want to miss out on a longer life because baseball purists want stats to be on a perpetual level playing field, at the expense of us all.

Anabolic steroids are used to promote growth in cases of late puberty, prevent bone loss in the elderly, and other medical uses, none of which are for life-threatening ailments, at least to my knowledge.

It's when these are abused by people such as major league athletes who have no need for them that there are adverse affects in the public eye. Baseball purists don't care if you use steroids to save your life, don't be ridiculous, but it's when they're taken when not called for (which if only for the most insignificant amount constitutes as misuse) that an uproar occurs.

I'll give you the best example I can think of. My father has used steroids to save his life on multiple occasions. They're in a prescription inhaler that he's used in the past for years since before I was born. Theyre not anabolic, but they're life saving. I am unaware of any life saving reason for an athlete who can continue to play for taking anabolic steroids.

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